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  • How will we know what is going on each week?
    As a team, we have a weekly meeting that allows us to speak in detail about each client. We create a schedule for that week and stick to it, weather permitting. Each client is emailed by 1pm on Monday morning, to update them on the days we Will be there, or Won't be there. We call this the Monday morning updates. This gives you, our clients, the ability to plan your week. We understand this project is not the only thing you have going on and we do not want to interfere with that.
  • How long will this project take?
    Each project has its own scope of work. At the time of each design, we will give you an expected time frame.
  • What if I do not want a design, I want to know how much the project is going to cost?
    If we do not have a design to quote from we refer to this as a ballpark quote. We take general square footages based on clients described desire, From that we roughly quote the main components of the project to place our client in a range of expectation. Yet without a design, we do not guarantee our pricing.
  • How long does a design take?
    The initial design takes up to 10 days from the original consultation, this gives us the ability to build all the details for the design. The follow-up design with the final selections and quote is 1 week. This affords us the opportunity to accurately quote the project with an itemized detail quote. With a quote from our design we guarantee 100% that we will not come back to our client for ANY change orders.
  • How much is it for your company to give us a master plan design of our property.
    For the basic design package that includes one side of the property our fee to design is $300.00. For designs that include a larger piece of property or front and back yard, our design fee is $500.00. All design fees are a flat fee and are paid at the time of consultation. When we design for room additions the fee can very per room addition. In an interior, when building from foundation and up, designs requires a structural engineer and these fees are priced per job. We will give you a cost prior to designing.  
  • How much does it cost for someone to come out to my house?
    Absolutely Free, When you call or email us to look at your home we will ask some questions regarding what you are looking to accomplish. At that time your appointment will be booked.

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